Welcome to DEEPSPACE!

DEEPSPACE – A revolutionary evolving platform that leverages risk for dynamic yield generating strategies! It combines frictionless holder incentives and reward structures!

Gameplay rewards holders through sharing transaction tax rewards and allows players to generate revenue through creating, owning, upgrading, and fighting with spacecraft!

A blockchain-based Play-to-Earn game with a supporting NFT marketplace is currently under development.

Buy a starship and explore the galaxy of DEEPSPACE. Travel to the edges of the galaxy to mine, build and battle!


DEEPSPACE rewards holders through sharing transaction tax rewards and letting players generate their own revenue through ownership of in-game assets!

Play to Earn!

You can earn more crypto by actively playing and participating in the DEEPSPACE Economy! Get a ship, mine resources, trade, fight, and own real estate for even more passive income!

Trade on our NFT Marketplace!

Buy and sell your in-game NFTs on our marketplace to easily gain value or gain advancements in the game as you look to grow your characters and your wallet. An integrated marketplace will allow for quick connection to like-minded players looking for items to be able to trade with to further help each other advance


Play to Earn

Explore, Mine and harvest!

Resource mining allows you to gather raw materials, like ore, for ship or property add-ons and modifications.
These materials will allow you to customize your land and ships into something you can call your own!

Buy, level, and trade ships

Using customized resources received from resource packs, mining, or in-game rewards, you can modify your ships. By bringing ship modifications to the community, gamers will be able to not only increase the value and overall collectibility of their ships, but to better fair in battles of various types by applying these customizations. Permanent modifications and temporary modifications differ in a few ways:
Permanent modifications are those that permanently add to the ship’s overall ability such as its fuel consumption or overall stats and these changes can be carried with the ship throughout multiple battles as well as throughout transactions on the marketplace.
Temporary modifications are one-time-use items that provide a single battle bonus. One will never know when the extra help can be the difference between winning and losing and this will require planning and strategy from the user.
Ship modifications, whether temporary or permanent, can all be transacted on the marketplace.


Within DEEPSPACE, battles are far-reaching, so one must be vigilant and always on the lookout for foes. Player vs Player (PvP) and Player vs Enemy (PvE) are planned to both be available within this ecosystem so no matter how one likes to play, there is a mode out there for the player.

PvP will allow others to battle against each other for rare resources, unique areas, and most desired locations in the solar system. These battles can be at times rewarding but at other times, ruthless.
PvE offers a chance to battle Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) throughout the game to experience the landscape the game has to offer, while lowering the risk of human combatants, but also increasing the risk of hoards of NPCs coming after one’s ship and desired resources.

Buy, trade, and own land!

Subdivided planets make up in-game property. The original genesis sales of property will be done via auction on the marketplace from the team and will command varying prices based on their size, resource refresh rates. Property will also be given away for marketing campaigns, rewards, and at random to ensure a fair balance of property owners.

Get passive income from your land’s resources!

In-game property owners earn fees from guests collecting resources on their planets depending on the ratio of their resource provision and refresh rates, size, and type.

Land Variety

Land assets will have different resources available to mine so players can focus on the specific resources they need to progress in-game. Resources that players mine can be crafted into consumables and upgrades that can be used or sold on the marketplace!

Game Mechanics

DEEPSPACE project development

The DEEPSPACE team believes in letting gamers have full ownership over their in-game assets and empowering you to earn by actively playing the game! By participating in the DEEPSPACE in-game economy, players are creating and add value for other players and investors.

DEEPSPACE is currently under active development. Stay tuned for more announcements on our project’s progress!



Welcome, all new and returning investors!

In order to protect our current investors, DEEPSPACE will not be tradable until after our $RISKMOON to $DPS token swap is completed on Aug 23 5pm EST. After the swap, the DEEPSPACE team will intitialize the LP so that $DPS will be tradable!

The swap phase is now live. The sooner you swap your $RISKMOON for $DPS, the more bonus $DPS you will receive!

Learn more about the evolution of the DEEPSPACE token, total supply change, improved tokenomics, and swap information here!

$RISKMOON to $DPS Swap Ends